terms for heroin

Slang Terms for Heroin You Should Know

The rabbit flies with the goose over the moon at midnight.  Spies have a very obscure and interesting language sometimes.  That cryptic phrase is gibberish to the common person, but the message is clear among the right people.   Likewise, heroin is illegal and naturally has developed a shrouded language of its own.  The terms used are diverse and cover …Read More

Behavioral Signs of Heroin Addiction

Behavioral Signs of Heroin Addiction

Addiction to heroin and other opioids is a growing problem in America.  Some estimate there are five-hundred-thousand people addicted to heroin.  This number is up seventy-five percent from five years ago.  With these numbers continually growing, chances are good you or someone you know might already have an addiction to this deadly drug.  Listed here are some behavioral signs of …Read More

10 ways heroin addiction is really bad for you.

10 Ways Heroin Addiction is Really Bad for You

  Heroin use is on the rise in the United States and there are some terrifying numbers that go along with that rise.  Between 2001 and 2013 the number of heroin overdoses has nearly quintupled.  It is safe to say that heroin is bad for you, but you may not have known these side effects were possible with heroin use. …Read More


How Do I Support Someone With A Heroin Addiction?

Starring in a supporting role to any addiction is a tough job. Being the supporter of someone who is struggling with a heroin addiction can be an exhausting, heartbreaking, frustrating experience. There are many ways to support someone with a heroin addiction, some of them healthy and others not healthy. If you are supporting someone with a heroin addiction, you …Read More