Nice to Meet You, Can I Move In?

move in

We addicts and alcoholics are fast movers- literally and figuratively. We’re all about instant gratification, and if something- like “love”- feels good, we will throw all caution to the wind and pounce faster than a tomcat on a barn mouse. It’s just how we’re built; throw in some attachment, abandonment, and co-dependent issues, and we’re talking a match made in …

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Learn How to Say No and Set Boundaries for Healthy Relationships

Restoring Healthy Relationships If you’re following a 12-step program, then you may eventually want to make amends with friends and family members whose relationships were impaired during your addiction. Doing so can not only help with feeling better about yourself, removing any guilt you might have about the addiction, but it can also help restore relationships that may be supportive …

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