Energy Drinks and Addiction

energy drink addiction

In recent years, the consumption of energy drinks has been off the charts. It has turned into a multi-billion dollar business, and the fad doesn’t seem to be fading. If you hang around the newly sober, it’s likely the majority will have a can of some fruity-flavored caffeine-injected concoction in one hand, and a vape or cigarette in the other. …

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Addiction Recovery is About Getting Well Again.

getting well again

Addiction is more than just the abuse of drugs or alcohol.  Many times an addiction is coexistent meaning an addict is suffering from another disorder in addition to their addiction.  Addictions often begin when a user attempts to treat an undiagnosed condition through self-medication.  Effective addiction treatment requires complete wellness and the addressing of all underlying conditions.  Make sure your …

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Are There Benefits To Rock Climbing?

                Our unique location in the mountainous hillsides of Southern California open the clients at Lakehouse Recovery Center to a host of outdoor activities including rock climbing. It’s A Great Way To Exercise If you’ve never felt sore after a non-weight lifting exercise, try rock climbing. People commonly misconceive rock climbing as being …

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