Sober and Single

sober and single

These two words have a certain magical ring to them. What could be more attractive than an individual who has their head on straight, doesn’t make a fool of themselves by being a sloppy mess, is enjoying life, and is working on themselves to become a better human being? If you are sober and single, you’ve got a lot going …

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Why is Powerlessness a Theme for Recovery?


At the root of addiction lies powerlessness. If you cannot stop drinking alcohol or using drugs, you are powerless over the disease of addiction. The gift of choice is no longer yours, and you are enslaved to the disease. Powerless shows up as not being able to stop, even though you want to. It tells you that you won’t do …

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The Truth Is the Shortcut

truth is shortcut

Dishonesty and addiction seem to go hand-in-hand. Lies are a protective barrier the disease uses in order to keep the addiction active, and the addict addicted. Without dishonesty, an addict or alcoholic may have been able to say long ago, “Hey, I have a problem, and I need help.” Instead, lies about using and the denial of a problem take …

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Does Sobriety Become Easier Or Will There Always Be a Temptation to Use?


If you were to generalize most things, it would be fair to say that practice and time usually make them easier. This generalization regarding sobriety is highly dependent on the person. Most addicts and alcoholics lose the incessant obsession over their drug of choice, relatively soon in their recovery. This isn’t to say that you or anyone else should feel …

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