The Only Way Out of It, Is Through It

For those new to recovery, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed with, well, feelings. You know, those things we avoided, pushed down, and ran away from for so long in our addiction? As appealing as running away from feelings sounds, we cannot do that in recovery. We have to learn how to sit with how we feel, and we …Read More


Are You Acting With Accountability?

Accountability in sobriety is like an insurance policy for staying sober. In active addiction, most of us had zero accountability to others, and we ran wild without a second thought. When you’re sober and you take commitments, other people begin to count on you. You begin to count on others, too. It’s much harder to veer off course on Friday …Read More


Children, Drugs, and Alcohol: What Are The 4 Traits That Could Be Precursors to Addiction?

The looming question of “What can we do to curb the addiction crisis facing our youth?” has remained unanswered because there is no single way to reduce the drug and alcohol epidemic in our society. There is however, a new anti-drug program that is showing promise. It’s called Preventure, and it’s being tested by middle schools in Australia, Britain, Canada, …Read More


What Are The Differences Between Methamphetamine & Cocaine?

Methamphetamine and cocaine, also called meth and coke amongst many other nicknames, have similarities, but they also have their differences. Both drugs are incredibly addictive, and have ruined the lives of thousands upon thousands of people and their\ families. The psychological dependence the drugs create for people makes getting off them very difficult, and leaves a high rate of relapse …Read More