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Addiction Help: Learning About Your Early Attachments

It is well recognized now that the quality of attachment an individual has with his or her parents in early childhood determines how well that child will thrive. Early attachment is a core issue that has great influence on one’s mental health throughout life. For instance, the first five years of life determines the success of that child in school, …Read More

Signs of Addiction - Lakehouse Recovery Center

More Residential Drug Treatment Facilities Are Becoming Holistic

When you’re searching for a drug treatment facility, you might find that some are holistic in their orientation. You’ll find that these facilities don’t just take into account your need for drug detox and substance abuse treatment; they’re also addressing your emotional, social, and spiritual needs. In your search, you might find that addiction treatment centers emphasize a certain focus. …Read More

Signs of Addiction - Lakehouse Recovery Center

Seeking Drug Treatment After Getting Lured Into a Marijuana Addiction

In a way it’s easy to get find yourself with a drug addiction, especially when the initial drug choice is marijuana. There’s reason why marijuana earned the name, “the gateway drug”. Marijuana might be harmless to start, but over time, addiction can sink its roots into your life. That addiction can develop with marijuana, but also with other drugs that …Read More