How Everything Changes in Drug Rehab

When you’re about to enter a drug treatment center, expect your life to change. Not because you’re about to live somewhere new or because you’re going to meet new people, or even because you’re going to stop abusing drugs or alcohol. You can expect your life to change because in drug treatment, you’re going to have the opportunity to look …

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Helping A Friend Get Drug Addiction Treatment

Drug Addiction Treatment | LakehouseRecoveryCenter.comIf you’re concerned about the dangerous drinking and drugging lifestyle of a friend and you’d like to support him or her in getting drug abuse treatment, there are some helpful steps you can take.

It’s hard, for example, if you’ve been to the hospital three or four times because your friend is in there for alcohol poisoning. You probably know that if your friend is going to live, the drinking and drug use has got to stop.

And you might know that he or she needs substance abuse treatment, but your friend might not be willing to accept it quite yet.

However, because  you’re watching your friend destroy his or her life, you might want to get the message of substance abuse treatment across – soon! If you’re in these shoes, you might want to talk to your friend in a way that respects his or her inner authority.

For instance, Dr. Michael Pantalon, author of Instant Influence: How to Get Anyone To Do Anything – Fast, provides the following suggestions. These pointers are based on a therapeutic method called Motivational Interviewing.

This is a form of therapy that drug counselors use with recovering addicts. It seeks to evoke an individual’s intrinsic desire to change. It does this by exploring his or her ambivalence to changing behavior, given the pros and cons of using drugs or drinking. Exploring and resolving this ambivalence is the goal of this type of drug addiction treatment.

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What To Know About Drug Addiction Treatment in Westlake Village

Drug Addiction Treatment | LakehouseRecoveryCenter.comSometimes it’s necessary to pack your bags and move to another city or state in order to find sobriety. If you’re living on the East Coast, for example, getting away from friends or family or peers who encourage a drug addiction might become necessary.

In order to get sober once and for all, you might you might be looking for a drug and alcohol treatment center that is not only not in your neighborhood, but far from the circles you used to keep.

One city to consider for participating in a drug addiction treatment center is Westlake Village, CA. The community straddles Los Angeles and Ventura county with plenty of open space for hiking, horse riding, and spending time in nature.

Nearby is the beautiful Santa Monica Mountains and the Malibu hills. Westlake Village is located nine miles inland from the Pacific Ocean with sea breezes sweeping up through the canyons keeping Westlake Village 10 degrees cooler than nearby San Fernando Valley.

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Addiction Help: Knowing the Traits of Adult Children of Alcoholics – Part Two

Addiction | LakehouseRecoveryCenter.comThis article is the second in a two part series. In the first article, 6 of 16 character traits were listed for adult children of alcoholism. These are traits experts in the field of drug addiction treatment have identified. Specifically, the traits listed in this article series were written about by Dr. Janet Woititz, author of the book, Adult Children of Alcoholics.

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