Drug Treatment Aftercare: Long Term Sobriety Means Progress not Perfection

It’s common for recovering addicts to discover the perfectionist in them. There’s a strong desire to do it “right”. Whether you’re in an Alcoholics Anonymous community or in private therapy or in another drug addiction therapy program with a regimen for staying sober, you might feel the need to be perfect about it. And it’s understandable; there’s a fear that says if you’re not, you might relapse.

However, there’s a saying in the recovery community: “Progress, not perfection.” Although perfection is a trait of many addicts, it’s not the goal of sober living, progress is. What happens is this: self-doubt sneaks in and seems to create a lens through which to look at your recovery. There’s a lingering feeling, no matter how well you’re following the steps to your drug treatment, that you’re not doing it right somehow.

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Drug Abuse Help: Five Warning Signs that Could Lead to Addiction

Drug Abuse Help | LakehouseRecoveryCenter.comSometimes, it’s helpful for family members to know what to look for in someone who might be using drugs. It’s helpful to have pieces of information in order to connect the dots and ultimately decide whether that person needs drug detox or drug withdrawal treatment.

Below are the typical warning signs that might lead someone to use drugs or drink. They are listed here to point out that there are characteristic behaviors that people participate in, which put them at risk for an addiction. However, this list is not exhaustive, nor is it predictive. In other words, there are many who might exhibit these behaviors and yet they don’t develop an addiction, and they won’t ever need drug addiction treatment.

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Seeking Drug Treatment After Getting Lured Into a Marijuana Addiction

Drug Treatment | LakehouseRecoveryCenter.comIn a way it’s easy to get find yourself with a drug addiction, especially when the initial drug choice is marijuana. There’s reason why marijuana earned the name, “the gateway drug”.

Marijuana might be harmless to start, but over time, addiction can sink its roots into your life. That addiction can develop with marijuana, but also with other drugs that might have developed after using marijuana on a regular basis.

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