A Drug Addiction Therapy Known as Motivational Interviewing

Drug Addiction Therapy | LakehouseRecoveryCenter.comThere are various forms of drug addiction therapy that have been proven to be successful for drug and alcohol treatment. They have led to resolving the conflict of addiction and helping to free people from the prison that the drug addiction cycle creates.

One effective form of drug addiction therapy is Motivational Interviewing.

Drug Addiction Therapy is a  method that focuses on and works to elicit the intrinsic desire to change one’s life. Motivational Interviewing recognizes that an individual using substances, is going to have ambivalence about ending their drug abuse.

If using alcohol or substances has brought relief from emotional pain, a dramatic increase in energy, and a euphoric feeling for life, among other perceived benefits, reasons to continue to use might still be there, despite the growing severity in consequences.

Furthermore, if underlying emotional issues, medical concerns, or any mental illnesses exist, then the desire to use drugs will almost undoubtedly continue. An individual might say that he or she wants to change, but depression, anxiety, and other fundamental reasons might promote continued use. Thus, there often lies an enormous amount of ambivalence.

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