Why Is Lying So Easy for Addicts?

lying addict

For addicts and alcoholics, the act of lying appears to come naturally. In active addiction, our loved ones don’t trust us, and well, neither does anyone else. We tell the truth so infrequently, that people just assume we’re lying when our mouths open. They are right to be cautious; the disease of addiction is not to be trusted. It is …

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Rationalizing Relapse: Mouthwash, Duster, Vanilla Extract, Etc.

rationalizing relapse

Addiction tries to convince us we don’t have it, and that we’re like everyone else. It lies to us, which causes us to lie. It tries to kill us, and sometimes we let it. When it starts talking to us, it gets louder and louder. If we don’t do anything to silence it, we can literally be talked into anything …

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Does Sobriety Become Easier Or Will There Always Be a Temptation to Use?


If you were to generalize most things, it would be fair to say that practice and time usually make them easier. This generalization regarding sobriety is highly dependent on the person. Most addicts and alcoholics lose the incessant obsession over their drug of choice, relatively soon in their recovery. This isn’t to say that you or anyone else should feel …

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Different Problems, Same Reaction

same reaction

Whether you are an alcoholic, a drug addict, or both, you share the same disease of addiction with millions of us in and out of recovery. We have all walked different paths to land where we are now, and we all have experienced different problems. Many of them are similar, but what’s striking, is that we all have the same …

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