Common Drug Combinations to Avoid

Anyone who is interested in taking drugs or drinking on a regular basis might find themselves experimenting with the combination of recreational drugs. In fact, certain drug combinations, such as marijuana and alcohol, become popular because of the high they create. However, as with any sort of substance use, the high comes with a price. And the price is higher …

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Homelessness Might Be Contributing To Your Alcohol or Drug Addiction

Drug AddictionHomelessness is a huge problem in America. In cities throughout the country, men, women, and even children are sleeping on the beach, living in abandoned buildings, or finding rest right on the streets. What makes matters worse is that many of these Americans are also using drugs and alcohol. And another contributing factor to the problem is that there often exists mental illness among the homeless.

However, research has shown that if you can find a stable home to live in, there’s a greater chance of getting sober and staying that way. According to a report released in 2003 by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration, there are approximately 38% of homeless men and women who also have an alcohol dependency and/or a drug addiction.

Furthermore, according to this report, substance abuse is the largest cause of homelessness.

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Understanding Addiction Can Help You Overcome It

One of the great advantages of addiction treatment is that there is often plenty of education provided on what addiction is. You have the opportunity to learn about what makes addiction a disease, as well as what makes addiction an illness that you can turn around. Getting educated on the illness of addiction arms you with what you need to …

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The Thrill of Shopping Can Lead To An Addiction

How Shopping Can Lead to an Addiction Belinda loves to shop. Her love for shopping started after her sister passed away. She and her mother would go shopping as a way to honor her sister, who loved fashion, makeup, and dressing well. It wasn’t long before Belinda felt the thrill of shopping herself and began to shop without her mother. …

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