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The Advantages of a Los Angeles Recovery Community

For those going through recovery, nothing is as important as the power of community. Here are three advantages of our Los Angeles recovery community.  We thrive on being social, on hunting and trading, and on relying on each other to survive. And long before organized religion, civilization and written language, we relied on community. To this day, nothing can change …Read More

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Carfentanil: What You Need To Know

                Fentanyl has been the culprit behind many overdose deaths. The clear and undetectable substance has a potency of up to 100 times that of morphine. Cut into heroin with other opioid properties and potentially other drugs like cocaine, it creates a deadly combination. Unfortunately, it isn’t the deadliest. On and off, a …Read More

Tips For Staying Sober - The Lakehouse Recovery Center

The Challenges of Going to Jail for Drug Use

Incarceration for Drug Use Only Makes Life Harder Lawmakers are learning that when a person is incarcerated for their drug use, life only gets harder for them. While they are in prison, the underlying problems that might have contributed to the drug use might only get worse. And returning to their home community becomes even more challenging when they are …Read More

Tips For Staying Sober - The Lakehouse Recovery Center

Over Time You Will Lose Your Desire for Alcohol and Drugs

The Body Loses the For  Desire Drugs and Alcohol Over Time When a person quits smoking, at first, it’s very difficult. At first, they dream of smoking. A person might fantasize about having a cigarette, and dream about the effects that the cigarette would bring. Little by little as the body gets used to life without nicotine and as the …Read More