The Challenges of Going to Jail for Drug Use

Incarceration for Drug Use Only Makes Life Harder Lawmakers are learning that when a person is incarcerated for their drug use, life only gets harder for them. While they are in prison, the underlying problems that might have contributed to the drug use might only get worse. And returning to their home community becomes even more challenging when they are …

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Drug Addiction Therapy: Learning About How Abuse Relates To Addiction

Drug Addiction Therapy | L:akehouseRecoveryCenter.comResearch shows that there are behavioral and thinking patterns that recovering addicts have in common with those who have experienced childhood abuse. Those who have experienced addiction and those who have experienced abuse seem to have the same patterns of thought. Examples of these patterns are:

  • Beating yourself up for what you should have done, reacting to life versus being proactive when faced with a challenge
  • Playing the role of victim or having a “poor me” attitude
  • Holding on to resentments
  • Engaging in wishful thinking and devaluing what you already have
  • Expecting the worst
  • Frequently experiencing fear or worry
  • Feeling unworthy or lacking a healthy self image
  • Perpetually pleasing others before meeting your own needs
  • Looking for life satisfaction externally such as in sexual relationships, overeating, drugs, overworking, or in other excessive behavior
  • Avoiding where you are right now by frequently thinking that the grass is greener on the other side. For example, moving out of town with the thought that it will be better there versus right where you are now.

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Drug Addiction Treatment For Those Who Started Drinking During Adolescence

Drug Addiction Treatment | LakehouseRecoveryCenter.comWhen people recall being a teen, they might remember that it was the time for experimenting with drugs. It’s common to think of adolescence as a time for engaging in experiences that are new and even risky, including drug use.

And for many, adolescence was the time in which drinking or drug use began. For those who started using drugs or drinking then, there’s a chance that an addiction developed and has never ended.

And there are many reasons that might have contributed to this situation. Most teenagers addicted to alcohol, marijuana, or other drugs have certain thoughts and beliefs that create and sustain an addiction.

More commonly, there are feelings, thoughts, and beliefs that ultimately lead to trying and then using a drug on a regular basis.

Alcohol and drugs induce an altered state and therefore provide an escape from the tumultuous inner atmosphere that a troubled adolescent might have.

Some feelings are hard to bear, especially if they are intense, and particularly if a teenager feels that he or she cannot express those feelings without being reprimanded or hurt in some way.

Common feelings that precede adolescent drug use include sadness, frustration or irritation, anger, shame or embarrassment, and nervousness or anxiety. When these feelings fester inside, expressing them might become more and more difficult. This makes finding an escape from these emotions, as in drug use, versus articulating them the easier choice.

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