Finding Work and Creating A New Life After Drug Addiction Treatment

Addiction Treatment | LakehouseRecoveryCenter.comThe first step on the path to sobriety is, for most people, attending a drug addiction treatment facility and then later a sober living home. In both of those environments you have a strong community of individuals supporting your sobriety. And during this time, tending to your sobriety is likely the only thing on your mind. You’re likely working hard on making the choice each day to stay sober.

However, at some point, you begin to realize that your entire life doesn’t need to stay focused on staying sober; you can begin to give your energy to other areas of your life. Now that you’ve got the basics down – staying sober and staying healthy – you might be ready to look for work, begin an intimate relationship, or go back to school.

In fact, during your drug addiction treatment experience, you might have also treated the deeply embedded habits, thoughts, and beliefs that long held you in your addiction. But now that you’ve transformed those too, you might be ready to take steps in your life you’ve never taken before.

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