Tolerance to Opiates is a Sign of Trouble


Opiate pain pills are a miracle of modern medicine.  When used as prescribed they can help manage chronic pain, ease suffering, and help an individual’s medical recovery become more manageable. There is also a dark side to opiates.  Opiates can quickly become dangerous when a person exceeds their prescribed dose.  They do so in order to have the same effects. …

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Slang Terms for Heroin You Should Know

terms for heroin

The rabbit flies with the goose over the moon at midnight.  Spies have a very obscure and interesting language sometimes.  That cryptic phrase is gibberish to the common person, but the message is clear among the right people.   Likewise, heroin is illegal and naturally has developed a shrouded language of its own.  The terms used are diverse and cover …

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What are Opiates?


In around the year 4,000 BCE an inspired Sumerian writer picked up the pen…or chisel…or whatever they used to write.  Hul Gil is what he inscribed referring to the opium poppy plant.  Translation, the Joy Plant.  In the 1800’s this plant would finally be experimented and synthesized into two very familiar substances: morphine and codeine.   Modern opiates are any …

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