Warm Hand-Off Program: Overdose to Treatment

Countless numbers of people are being treated with the opioid antidote, naloxone. An opioid reversal drug, administering this substance pulls people back from the brink of death as a result of drug overdose. Unfortunately, a reversal of an overdose is not a reversal of addiction or chemical dependency. After having an overdose reversed, an individual is left with the sometimes …

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A Drug is a Drug

The simple act of expressing gratitude and appreciation can get us back on track, as well as improve our happiness and health.

Which do you prefer, whiskey or cocaine? Xanax or heroin? No matter what your drug of choice is, it’s a drug, and it’s addictive. You may hear some pushback from people in recovery circles saying that alcohol is in a different ballpark than other drugs. The truth of the matter, is that alcohol is a drug. When you drink it, …

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Identify, not Compare


Not much good comes from comparing one thing to another. If you always compare your neighbor’s color of grass with yours, how will you ever truly appreciate your own shade of green? When we nitpick, we separate ourselves from others. Separation is the last thing anyone in recovery should do, because separation leads to isolation. You may not feel like …

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