Abandonment issues you only know when you've been abandoned

Abandonment Issues You Only Know When You’ve Been Abandoned

  Feelings of abandonment are real.  While many people may believe abandonment issues as only exist in children, an increased number of studies are showing that not only are abandonment issues real in adults, they are also being found as a root cause for mental health problems such as depression and PTSD.  Feelings of abandonment should be addressed with a …Read More


Can You Spot Depression?

Depression is often characterized like the sad donkey in Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore. Down in the dumps, lack of energy, tired all of the time, chronically pessimistic, and lacking in hope is how most people perceive depression. Depression isn’t always that obvious. Sometimes the symptoms of depression are hiding in plain sight and aren’t the typical symptoms you might expect. …Read More

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Will My Depression And Anxiety Symptoms Go Away If I Meditate?

                  Meditation is not a cure and it is not a medicine. It is a scientifically backed tool which has been proven numerous times to reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety, in addition to the common stress which can worsen both conditions. Both depression and anxiety are highly co-occurring mental health …Read More