CBT Is Not The King Of Treatment, Make Room For Mindfulness

                Evidence-based practices is an important term in recovery and treatment for addiction or alcoholism. For the treatment industry, there are no standards of treatment as of yet. That means, treatment heavily relies upon research and evidence of what works the most effectively. Though every treatment facility provides a unique program and most …

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Depression Help

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy | Lakehouse Recovery Center

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a type of talk therapy that helps a person become aware of negative, inaccurate thinking in order to become more equipped in dealing with challenging situations.

This type of psychotherapy has proven effective in treating depression in young people. It is important that depression in teens get treated early on to avoid the risk of suicide and other risks related to depression. CBT is a helpful tool for anyone looking to better handle life’s challenges, whether someone has a mental health condition or not. Learn below for more information on CBT and how it can help.

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Addiction Treatment That Is Evidenced Based

Today, a big focus for the field of recovery is the need for evidence based practices. Evidence-based practices are those that are based upon research and have been proven to bring health to patients in the fields of psychology and medicine. The need for evidence practices comes from a deeper need to reintegrate the world of addiction treatment with the …

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