When Alcoholism Is Bad But Not It’s Worst: The Middle Stage

                Stages of Alcoholism There is a time period before things get really bad. Sometimes it isn’t brief. The beginning stages of alcoholism can be brief. The late stages of alcoholism can be fleeting because the need for help becomes so obvious there isn’t time left to suffer. In between, there is the …

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4 Things You Get Wrong About Alcoholism

It Isn’t About How Much You Drink Each body is different. There are national guidelines as to what constitutes too much alcohol in one sitting, but there are so many factors which contribute to what gets a person drunk. Alcoholism isn’t even about how much you drink to get drunk and how often you get drunk. Instead, alcoholism is a …

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Influence of Sleep on Drinking Behaviors

Drinking Behaviors | LakehouseRecoveryCenter.com

A recent study, published in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research, shows the effect that lack of sleep has on the drinking behaviors or teenagers.  What researchers found after the study is the following:

– Teenagers with sleep issues were 47% more likely to binge drink than those without sleep issues

– Teenagers with sleep issues were 14% more likely to drive drunk

– A year later, the teenagers with sleep issues were 11% more likely to have interpersonal issues related to alcohol

Although sleep is not the only factor that affects a teenager’s decision to consume alcohol, it is a factor that teens and their parents can control.  By getting just one extra hour of sleep, the study found that it decreases binge drinking by 10%.

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The Importance of Willingness in Recovery – by Annie

Annie, an employee at The Lake House Sober Living, Recovery Advocate’s Aftercare and Luxury Sober Living Home in Thousand Oaks, California writes the following entry: After working in recovery for many years, and working my own program of recovery, I have found one thing that is indispensable.  That thing is willingness.  Pain, misfortune, consequences of unhealthy choices can often make …

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