Don’t Drink and Go to Meetings

If you are new to recovery and are going to 12-Step meetings, you might hear this phrase a lot. It is highly suggested that whatever you do to recover, go to meetings and don’t drink in between them. It’s a simple enough solution, or at least it sounds like it. The idea behind it is, if you can get yourself …Read More

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What Do Doctors Think Of Alcoholics Anonymous?

                Treatment For Alcohol “To whom it may concern,” Dr. William D. Silkworth writes in The Doctor’s Opinion of Alcoholics Anonymous, “I have specialized in the treatment of alcoholism for many years.” Before the core chapters of Alcoholics Anonymous begins, the authors put in a letter from Dr. Silkworth, the doctor who attended, …Read More

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So You Don’t Think AA Is Going To Work For You?

            The Benefits of Alcoholics Anonymous A lot of people don’t think that AA is going to work for them. AA, Alcoholics Anonymous, and similar twelve step programs don’t work for everyone. However, the universality of the spiritual experience in recovery has brought a solution to the problem of alcoholism for millions of people around …Read More

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Addiction Help: Factors that Contribute to Chronic Relapse

If you’ve already gone through drug detox and you’ve already been through substance abuse treatment and yet you’re experiencing relapses, it might be helpful to look into the causes or the contributing factors to relapse. For instance, experts in drug addiction therapy believe that the following can prevent long term sobriety: