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Quitting Alcohol Cold Turkey

If you’re an alcoholic, you know what it’s like when you don’t have enough alcohol pumping through your veins to ward off the trappings of withdrawal. You might start frantically searching the house for a hidden stash, and curse yourself when every bottle you find is bone dry. Things are starting to get worse, you’re sweating profusely, the shakes are …Read More

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One in Ten Children Grow Up with an Alcoholic Parent

When children are raised with a parent that abuses alcohol, there are many ramifications that arise as a result. First and foremost, it puts a child at risk for developing an addiction of their own at some point in life. Researchers at the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) indicate that approximately 7.5 million American children and teens …Read More

Signs of Addiction - Lakehouse Recovery Center

Alcohol Detox Centers in Westlake Village and Los Angeles

If you’re struggling with the highs and lows of an addiction, finding a large community of those who are struggling with the same challenges can be incredibly supportive. And if that’s what you’re yearning for, even if you’re living on the East Coast, you may want to consider making a cross-country move. The sober living community in Los Angeles and …Read More

Signs of Addiction - Lakehouse Recovery Center

Addiction Help: Knowing the Traits of Adult Children of Alcoholics – Part One

Experts in the field of psychology have studied the character traits of those who’ve undergone drug addiction treatment and/or who have struggled with addiction in their lives. For instance, in 1983, Dr. Janet Woititz wrote a groundbreaking book titled, Adult Children of Alcoholics. The book outlines the characteristics of adults who were raised in homes in which there was at …Read More