What Is The Appeal of Airport Boozing?

Airport boozing

Travel seems to bring out a desire to hit the sauce for people with and without a drinking problem. It signifies vacation, connecting with loved ones, and business trips, all of which are commonly sprinkled with fond memories of drinking. The saying, “My vacation begins with my first drink on the plane,” is true for many, but a lot of …

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What Convinced You That You Had a Drinking Problem?

drinking problem

For some of us, it may not have taken much to realize that our drinking habits were a little different than the habits of everyone else. For others, the denial may have been as thick as the beer goggles. Alcoholism is sneaky. It will often start off as a really good time, with weekend parties, happy hours, Vegas and Mexico …

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Well-Dressed Drug Dealers

Drug dealers

Stereetypcial Drug Dealers The stereotypical drug dealer might look like a hoodlum from the streets, running and gunning with his homies, hooking kids on dime bags and slinging rocks from the corner. When the topic of drug dealers comes up at the dinner table, we don’t immediately think of pharmaceutical companies and their representatives, or even doctors as the culprits …

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