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3 Stages of Alcoholism and How to Overcome Them

It can be very difficult for those suffering from alcohol addiction. It can eventually effect every aspect of their life, from relationships, to employment. Here are the three common stages of alcoholism and how to move past them into successful recovery. Alcoholism, now called alcohol use disorder (AUD), is a brain disorder that doesn’t develop overnight. For many, in the …Read More

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Study Finds Gene Variant with Possible Link to Alcoholism

How Our Genes Can Give Insights On Addiction Science may not have a cure for alcoholism yet, but it is getting closer. As the rate of addiction to drugs and alcohol rises, we can hope the amount of research keeps pace.  With national attention growing on the epidemic of addiction, there is hope for scientific advancement. The following study is …Read More

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Alcoholic Loneliness

Few people know the loneliness such as that of an alcoholic. The disease of alcoholism settles in enough to make us want to withdraw from life as we know it. With time, we are successful. We push everyone we love and who loves us away, we hide ourselves from the world, and we do our best to make ourselves as …Read More

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What are the Signs of Binge Drinking?

The college years are often filled football games, finals, and of course, parties. Drinking to excess is considered a normal activity by many of our youth, most of which don’t know or consider the risks associated with consuming large amounts of alcohol in a short time. Most don’t think it, but binge drinking is an alcohol problem, and it can …Read More