How To Support An Alcoholic

Alcoholic | LakehouseRecoveryCenter.comWe’ve all seen the images of alcoholism in television and the movies, such as Leaving Las Vegas, Barfly, and Arthur. Usually, we see someone falling over, laughing at things that aren’t funny, and being disruptive in an otherwise civil crowd.

We see them continuing to drink despite witnessing their already drunken state and seeing them crash bottles against the wall in anger when their friends or family members leave. These are the classic images of alcoholism we see.

However, it’s easy to see these images in a movie or television show. Eventually the movie will end and the alcoholic we were just introduced to is no longer in our lives. However, this isn’t true when we have an alcoholic living with us, or an alcoholic who is a parent, spouse, or teenage child.

How To Help An Alcoholic

How do you really help an alcoholic? How do you respond to him or her when there are drunken arguments, angry outbursts, and continued drinking despite his or her life falling apart?

There are really two situations you might want to seek assistance for. The first is when your family member or loved one is under the influence and argumentative or disruptive. How might you respond? How do you ask that he or she leave the room until no longer drunk?

Or how might you ask that your loved one not bring up certain topics when he or she is under the influence? The second situation is the problem of getting your loved one to agree to treatment.

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