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What are the Signs of Binge Drinking?

The college years are often filled football games, finals, and of course, parties. Drinking to excess is considered a normal activity by many of our youth, most of which don’t know or consider the risks associated with consuming large amounts of alcohol in a short time. Most don’t think it, but binge drinking is an alcohol problem, and it can …Read More


How Prevalent Is Alcohol Abuse In America?

According to the CDC, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 88,000 deaths per year are related to alcohol. Alcohol related deaths can include car accidents, injury, overdose, liver failure, heart attack, seizure, and stroke. A number that has been making headlines is 52,000- the number of lives that were claimed by opioid overdose in 2015. Preliminary analysis believes that …Read More

4 Awesome Ways Your Body Bounces Back Once You (Finally) Quit Drinking

4 Awesome Ways Your Body Bounces Back Once You (Finally) Quit Drinking

  Alcohol takes a toll on the body and the brain in many ways. Once you finally quit drinking, the body has a chance to heal and bounces back in some incredible ways. You save your liver from any more damage: Alcohol does a number on many areas of the brain on body, perhaps none more damaged than the liver. …Read More

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How Much Alcohol Is The Body Supposed To Withstand?

                  Binge drinking is nationally identified as any amount of drinking which raises the blood alcohol content level to or over 0.08 percent. For males, that is estimated to be about five drinks over a two hour period. Females generally have a different metabolism than males, putting their binge drinking alcohol limit …Read More