Why People Hide Their Addictions and What To Do About It

There are many reasons why someone doesn’t want to admit that there is a problem with drugs and alcohol. In fact, there might be such a need to hide substance use that a person will continue to hide it from themselves. However, as you can imagine, hiding your drinking and drug use can ultimately be dangerous, and in some cases, …

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Talking to Your Teenage Daughter About Addiction

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Today, teenage girls see addictions all around them, whether it’s hearing about it in a song on the radio, watching it on TV shows such as “Breaking Bad”, or even seeing it among their peers at school. It is important to talk to your teenage daughter about the dangers of addiction so that she will be prepared to make educated decisions. Here are a few points to cover when having the addiction talk with your daughter.

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Texting & Driving Compare to Drug Addiction in Study

A recent study was conducted by the University of Connecticut School of Medicine that compared texting to drug addiction.  The study found that 90% of those surveyed knew they shouldn’t be texting while driving but that 75% admitted to at least looking at their phone while driving.  So if people know they shouldn’t text and drive, then why is it …

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