Addiction Help for Addictions to Spice, Bath Salts, and Inhalants

Addiction Help | LakehouseRecoveryCenter.comUsually when we think of drug addiction, we think of heroin, painkillers, cocaine, or methamphetamine. But there are some lesser-knownsubstances that are used to experience a high.

Depending on the severity of the addiction, drug treatment and addiction help might still be needed. At the very least, exploring the drive behind the use of these substances can be a part of treatment.

The following describes three lesser-known substances that individuals can use to experience a high or a shift in consciousness.

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Addiction Help: Factors that Contribute to Chronic Relapse

Addiction Help | LakehouseRecoveryCenter.comIf you’ve already gone through drug detox and you’ve already been through substance abuse treatment and yet you’re experiencing relapses, it might be helpful to look into the causes or the contributing factors to relapse.

For instance, experts in drug addiction therapy believe that the following can prevent long term sobriety:

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Going from Active Drug Addiction Into a Life of Fun Recovery

A story of how he went from full-blown active drug addiction to a loving & valued life of sobriety through the recovery process… A year ago if you had told me that I would not only be sober but be working in recovery I would have burst out laughing. I was drinking a fifth of whiskey a day and basically …

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The Importance of Willingness in Recovery – by Annie

Annie, an employee at The Lake House Sober Living, Recovery Advocate’s Aftercare and Luxury Sober Living Home in Thousand Oaks, California writes the following entry: After working in recovery for many years, and working my own program of recovery, I have found one thing that is indispensable.  That thing is willingness.  Pain, misfortune, consequences of unhealthy choices can often make …

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