Rationalizing Relapse: Mouthwash, Duster, Vanilla Extract, Etc.

rationalizing relapse

Addiction tries to convince us we don’t have it, and that we’re like everyone else. It lies to us, which causes us to lie. It tries to kill us, and sometimes we let it. When it starts talking to us, it gets louder and louder. If we don’t do anything to silence it, we can literally be talked into anything …

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What Is Insanity?


Contrary to popular opinion, the definition of insanity is not, “Doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.” Though this is only a supposed quote, often attributed to both Albert Einstein and Benjamin Franklin, it describes the disease of addiction quite well. It’s a fairly safe assumption that anyone in recovery from addiction would agree that …

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The Common Occurrence of Addiction Relapse

One trait that makes addiction a chronic illness is that it needs to be managed over time. It’s not an illness that you can take a pill for and suddenly it’s over. Instead, cravings need to be monitored, lifestyle needs to be transformed, and one’s thoughts and feelings often need to be changed. In an article on Everyday Health, Dr. …

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