Having Friends During Recovery Has Many Benefits

The Dangers of Withdrawing Alone in Recovery

For many, addiction is lonely and isolated, but withdrawing alone comes with many dangers. Unlike with addiction, the process of withdrawing and recovery does not need to be a solo journey. There are many benefits to using this time as a way to connect with a network of loving, supportive, people. One of the first ways to ensure this support …Read More


Which Bad Behaviors Should You Drop In 2018?

The disease of addiction comes with a host of bad behaviors that if left unchecked, could burn your sobriety to the ground. It’s no surprise that we have these behaviors; our drinking and using threw us into survival mode, and we did whatever we needed to do to keep going. In recovery, we have to change our old ways and …Read More

calm mind

Will I Ever Calm My Mind?

If you are an addict or alcoholic, you are probably well aware of how fast the gears in your head can turn. It can be exhausting and it can also threaten your sobriety. Overthinking can cause unwarranted stress, anxiety, and depression. When the wheels start turning, try employing a few methods to ease the burdens of the day and set …Read More

Setting Recovery as a Priority

You Don’t Have to Hit Rock Bottom

For anyone struggling with addiction, you can make a u-turn before you bottom out. For some people, bottoming out is death. They no longer have the option to change, get well, and lead happy, fulfilling lives. The thought that an individual has to get to the lowest of lows in their addiction in order to get sober just isn’t true. …Read More