Your Best Day Drinking Can’t Compare to Your Worst Day Sober

Your Worst Day Sober is Still Better Than Your Best Day Drinking It is often said in recovery circles that the worst day of a person’s sober life is 100 times better than their best day drinking. This says a lot about recovery. Choosing the worst day of your sober life over the best one drinking is a monumental statement. …Read More

getting well again

Addiction Recovery is About Getting Well Again.

Addiction is more than just the abuse of drugs or alcohol.  Many times an addiction is coexistent meaning an addict is suffering from another disorder in addition to their addiction.  Addictions often begin when a user attempts to treat an undiagnosed condition through self-medication.  Effective addiction treatment requires complete wellness and the addressing of all underlying conditions.  Make sure your …Read More


Identify, not Compare

Not much good comes from comparing one thing to another. If you always compare your neighbor’s color of grass with yours, how will you ever truly appreciate your own shade of green? When we nitpick, we separate ourselves from others. Separation is the last thing anyone in recovery should do, because separation leads to isolation. You may not feel like …Read More