Myths About Addiction

8 Myths About Addiction: Debunked

With so many myths about addiction, you may find it difficult to get treatment. Here are the most common myths – debunked. You know that you cannot always believe everything that you hear. And when it comes to addiction, there is no exception. Unfortunately, with the first step in overcoming addiction being to understand it, all the misinformation and rumored …Read More

Quitting Addiction

Quitting Addiction, Avoiding Relapse, and Maintaining Sobriety

Addiction is a Dependency Addiction is a chemical dependency and a chronic disease. When a person becomes addicted to a substance, the cycle can be difficult to break due to changes in brain chemistry and functioning. There are also psychological and emotional dependencies that are intertwined with the chemical elements of addiction. These dependencies can make quitting addiction difficult, especially …Read More

Addiction in Children

How to Avoid Addiction in Children

If you’ve struggled with an addiction in the past, you might have had an impact your children. There are two ways that parents and other family members can impact younger generations with their addiction, and that is through genes and through behaviors. Yet, even if your children and the younger members of your family have been impacted in this way, …Read More