8 Coping Skills for Addiction Recovery to Know

Managing and Coping With Addiction and Recovery - Lakehouse Recovery Center

When you enter recovery, the more tools you have in your corner, the better off you will be. This includes your coping skills for addiction. Wait, what exactly is a coping skill? A coping skill, when it comes to anything in life, is your ability to cope with all that comes your way. For example, if you encounter a speed bump, …

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8 Myths About Addiction: Debunked

Myths About Addiction - Lakehouse Recovery Center

With so many myths about addiction, you may find it difficult to get treatment. Here are the most common myths – debunked. You know that you cannot always believe everything that you hear. And when it comes to addiction, there is no exception. Unfortunately, with the first step in overcoming addiction being to understand it, all the misinformation and rumored …

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The 5 Elements of a Relapse Prevention Plan to Know

Preventing Relapse With a Prevention Plan - Lakehouse Recovery Center

A relapse doesn’t happen overnight. There are warnings, triggers, and other signs that let us know relapse is likely to occur and it is time to do something about it now.  It is for this very reason that you have – or should have – created a relapse prevention plan. Since there is not one click of a button that sends …

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Finding a Person to Trust and Rely On During Recovery

Find One Person to Trust and Rely On Well, truthfully, in recovery you want to have a handful of people to trust and rely on. You want to have a circle of support that you turn to when you feel stressed and tense. Or when life circumstances feel too overwhelming, or when you feel triggered and you’re having cravings. At …

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