This Too Shall Pass


Getting Sober Whoever said getting sober is a piece of cake wasn’t an alcoholic or an addict. The first year is especially difficult for most, but the road of recovery will always be filled with bumps, potholes, peaks, and valleys. No matter where you are in your sobriety, you’ve likely experienced moments where you just didn’t know if you could …

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I Wonder What That New *Insert Flavor* Vodka Tastes Like

vodka tastes

Does it matter? It tastes like vodka, just like the rest of them. Strawberry smoothie vodka tastes like vodka, with fake strawberries and milk. S’mores vodka tastes like someone loved summer camp a little too much and tried to recreate the chocolate, marshmallow, and graham cracker pastime with too much time on their hands. Whatever the new creation of vodka, …

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