How Do I Survive My First Super Bowl Sober?

Whether your team is in it or not, and even if you couldn’t care less about football, the lure of Super Bowl parties is real. Backyard bbq’s, kegs on ice, and rounds of shots for scores, halftime show predictions, etc. For addicts and alcoholics, this may sound like a good time, but joining in on the party never turns out how we had hoped. Some of us end up in jail, others in fights or passed out, and some don’t live to see another day. Now that you are in recovery and are able to actually enjoy the big game and its festivities, keep the following in mind so you can keep your sober date intact:

  1. Make a Game Plan – Talk to your sponsor, a sober friend, or whomever you trust about what you’re doing. If you are in early recovery, you may not be ready to be anywhere near where alcohol is being served. This is completely normal, and one of many reasons why getting to know other sober people is an important part of recovery. If you’re not ready, you’re not ready. Talk to your people and do something that supports your recovery.
  2. Go With a Friend or Host a Party at Your House – Having a sober friend as support is always a good idea, and more fun. If you’re up to it, you could even host a party at your place. It’s a nice gesture and helps give other alcoholics and addicts a safe place to go for the big game. Plus, you may meet new friends and help a newcomer in the process.
  3. Remember That You’re Not Normal – You are not a normie, and never will be. Addicts and alcoholics are notorious for trying to jump back into “social” drinking or using, but there is nothing social about the way we drink or use. Stay on your guard, and don’t forget that you have a life-threatening disease.
  4. Enjoy the Game – This year, you will actually remember everything that happened. If you’re not too into football, enjoy the food, conversation, football pool, or play trivia during commercial breaks. Have a good time, this is what sobriety is about…enjoying life and everything it has to offer.





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