Stretch Yourself To Reach Your Sobriety Goals

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If you’re in recovery from addiction, you’re probably hearing all sorts of quips and quotes about how to get better, grow, and stay sober.

Yet, anything you hear must be questioned. It must be placed in the context of your own life. In other words, you may need to ask yourself:

“how does this piece of advice fit in with my life right now?”

For instance, if you hear that you need to stretch yourself in recovery, you might wonder exactly how to do that. And at the same time, you might even wonder when to stretch yourself.

If you’re at the start of your recovery, then you may not have the capacity to stretch yourself.

You may be more concerned about staying sober. You might be focused on getting your life back together. In fact, finding housing, a job, and getting your needs met might be your first major task when you enter recovery.

Yet, as you get stronger and as you feel yourself take steps closer and closer to sustained sobriety, you might be ready to stretch yourself.

You might have the inner strength to push your limits and stretch beyond your horizons. For instance, here are some ways that you can stretch yourself, when you’re ready:

If you’re used to isolating from others, instead stay closely connected to others in recovery


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Of course, you will meet others throughout your drug rehab experience. You can stay in touch with other recovering addicts by making at least three phone calls a week to people in recovery.

It is important to stay in the company of those who share the same life goals, who want to stay sober and who have a positive vision for their lives.

Having friendships and peers around you is a reminder that you’re not going through drug rehab alone and that you have support.


If you’re used to thinking negatively and planning for the worst, instead maintain a positive attitude


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The attitude you have towards yourself and your growth plays a role in how healthy your recovery will be. Your attitude (about success or failure) can either facilitate your path to sobriety or it can derail you.

For instance, according to the book Pathways to Recovery, two important attitudes to have regarding your desire to change is hope and courage. Both hope and courage can bring positive feelings to your recovery and nourish your need to change.


If you’re used to not taking good care of yourself, instead make a plan for healthy eating, good sleep, and regular exercise

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Drinking alcohol and using drugs can have damaging effects on the body. Eating well can keep your body properly nourished. At the very minimum, try to eat three meals per day while you’re in drug rehab.

Along the lines of psychological well being, a recovering addict who goes to bed and rises at the same time every day will often feel the difference in his or her mental health.

Stress usually inhibits a regular sleep schedule; however, having a regular sleep schedule can help build resilience to that stress. And regular exercise can further benefit the body and facilitate enduring sobriety.


If you want to grow and develop, you’ll need to stretch yourself to reach your goals. The above list are a few ways you might stretch yourself in recovery.



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