How Do I Stay Sober At Social Events?

Social gatherings are an unavoidable part of life. From funerals to weddings, and work parties to tailgates, it is possible to stay sober through it all. If you take a few suggestions, you too, can enjoy social events throughout your lifetime. The most important tip is to never go to a social event without a plan. The following tips should be in place before you go:

  1. Tell a Friend – Before you go, tell a trusted friend about what you’re doing so that they’ll pick up your call if you need to talk. Sometimes, the unexpected can happen, and we need to have a reasonable voice on the other end of the phone.
  2. Know Your Transportation – This could be the most important tip. Do not show up somewhere without knowing how you will get home. If you want to leave early, you need to be able to go. Do not depend on others, especially if there’s a chance they could drink or use. Always have a backup plan; if your friend drove, make sure you’ll be able to take a Lyft or Uber home, just in case. Never get stuck somewhere.
  3. Always Have a Good Reason for Going – Avoid going to the bar because you enjoy the atmosphere. If your sister’s wedding reception happens to be there, that is a much better reason than just going for the darts.
  4. Bring a Sober Friend – Having a sober wingman/woman tagging along can take a lot pressure off. Plus, it’s always nice having someone along who’s on the same page.
  5. Know What You’ll Say to Drinking Questions – Not everyone understands why someone wouldn’t want a drink. We used to not get it, either. If you’re comfortable telling someone you’re in recovery, perfect. If not, prepare yourself for your response so you’re not caught off-guard. You could just say, “No thanks, I don’t drink,” which usually ends the conversation. If it doesn’t, you can tell them whatever you like because it’s your business and not theirs. People need to respect your decision, and if they don’t, it’s on them.

Social events are a lot more fun, sober. It may not sound like it now, but they are. You actually remember them, and you don’t wake up embarrassed and wondering what kind of fool you made of yourself. If you want to experience freedom from addiction, give us a call. Recovery is possible, and we can help you begin your journey.




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