Is Spiritual Healing Realistic?


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Is Spiritual Healing Realistic?

Have you ever held onto an emotion for so long it started to eat you alive and while everyone told you that you needed to just let it go you couldn’t surrender it? Finally you came to a place of surrender and were somehow able to let it go, experience a total cleansing of the emotions energy and be freed from the bondage of holding onto it. Maybe you cried, you likely cried a lot, and you may have felt a proverbial weight lifted off of your shoulders.

Practically a spiritual experience, it felt as though life had been redefined in that moment. As if time were changing tracks and your reality was taking a new turn, you knew, deep within you, things would be different from then on.

A chemical experience, an emotional experience, this is in many ways a spiritual experience. Spiritual healing is realistic, applicable, and practical for men and women seeking recovery from drug and alcohol addiction in their lives. Following spiritual guidelines as a navigation system for progress and development, the life of spiritual healing creates a psychic change by which men and women are forever transformed.

Openess and Willngness to Get Better Play a Factor

Some believe that spiritual healing can only work on those who believe in spiritual healing. Since little “spiritual healing” practices have been scientifically researched and supported sought-after empirical data, its written off as a “pseudo-science” or the matter of a placebo effect.

Vogue interviewed a energy healer asking about the validity of spiritual healing. In regards to cynics and believers, she responded, “I regularly work with cynics. It’s quite normal to be doubtful if you have not had any experience of healing before…It works under most circumstances. I believe that if a recipient has come to me, there is already a part of them that is open, and willing to heal, or they would not bother to come.”

Openness and willingness to heal is a critical part of coming to treatment to seek recovery from a drug and alcohol addiction. Many critics feel that going to “rehab” is useless because it doesn’t work. As the healer stated, it works under most circumstances.

Choosing to Get Treatment Is a Good Start

When a client chooses to go to treatment, they choose to be open and willing, with at least some belief that they do have a problem which needs healing, and that treatment might provide that feeling. It is demonstrated all the time that when someone in treatment is not open to it and no longer believes it is working or will work, they leave treatment and typically relapse.

Healing, whether clinically based or spiritually based, is part of the recovery process. Open-mindedness and willingness to be healed are part of the process of surrender, coming to believe that help is available, and fully investing into receiving that help.


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