Does Sobriety Become Easier Or Will There Always Be a Temptation to Use?

If you were to generalize most things, it would be fair to say that practice and time usually make them easier. This generalization regarding sobriety is highly dependent on the person. Most addicts and alcoholics lose the incessant obsession over their drug of choice, relatively soon in their recovery. This isn’t to say that you or anyone else should feel immune to relapse, or should go hang out in a bar or a shooting gallery.

It simply means that you may not be constantly thinking of scoring and getting high, and if you’re not around it, the temptation to use is lessened.

Some people can bartend in sobriety, while others may be dealing drugs but staying clean. These examples are certainly not representative of the majority; some of us smell a bar and start foaming at the mouth. Which is why, we stay away from bars and any situations where a line of cocaine may make a sudden, but magical appearance out of nowhere. No matter how much time a person has, there is no reason to put yourself and your sobriety on shaky ground or in shady situations.

As more time comes between your feet and your last use, your lifestyle changes. As a newcomer, it was hard. Everything was hard, and everything had to be changed. As you grow into sobriety, you make the changes you need to and you adapt. Things become easier, and life takes less effort. We will all have our moments, some good, some bad, but recovery gifts us with the ability to take them in stride. If you’re having a hard time right now, it gets better. Everything you’re going through today, is worth it for what lies ahead. Recovery holds promises of a life beyond your wildest conceptions, which are limited by your use of drugs and alcohol. You can recover and you can live a life that doesn’t necessitate using mind altering substances any longer.



Getting sober isn’t easy, and temptations can feel overwhelming in early recovery. If you can’t stop drinking or using, we have a solution. Call The Lakehouse Recovery Center today. We will give you the tools you need to begin living your life free from addiction, and free from the misery it creates. Temptations will pop-up from time to time, but you will learn how to combat cravings and protect yourself from going back down the rabbit hole. Your life can change with a phone call. We are available 24/7, toll-free at (877) SOBER | (877) 762-3707. You can do this, recovery is possible. Give us a chance so you can give yourself a chance. Call today.


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