Just like drug and alcohol addiction didn’t happen overnight, neither does recovery. Active addiction does a number on the mind and body, and it can take awhile to feel somewhat normal again. As addicts and alcoholics, we particularly enjoy (and expect) instant relief from anything that gives us discomfort. In recovery, we have to learn to sit with those uncomfortable feelings and use the tools we learned in treatment to cope with them whenever they hit.

It’s not uncommon to occasionally hear someone who has some time in recovery to say they feel brand new again. It could just be an off-day or week, but everyone has those moments when sobriety is frustrating. You may be upset that things aren’t happening more quickly, or that what everyone is saying around you isn’t what’s happening in your world. The good news, is that these feelings are completely normal. Everyone’s recovery is different, and everyone experiences moments of frustration. They’re just growing pains and we all get them.

The key to getting through the growing pains is to just keep putting one foot in front of the other. If you weren’t experiencing some of these emotions, you may not have a greater appreciation for how hard you’ve worked on your recovery. In the first year of sobriety, one month to the next can feel like an eternity. In 12 Step programs, chips are typically handed out at 30, 60, 90 days, 6 months, and 9 months prior to the one year anniversary for this exact reason. It may feel slow, but you are leagues ahead of where you were the day before you got sober.

If you are struggling right now, you are not alone. Getting sober is the hardest, yet most rewarding feat you will ever face. There will be wonderful moments in recovery that seem to fly by, and there will also be lulls that seem to never end. This is true of life in general. As addicts and alcoholics, we experience these feelings a little differently compared to others who haven’t battled our same demons. As long as we don’t pick up, we will make it through, and we will be okay. If you are ready to begin a new life in recovery, we can help. Call us today, and make the transition into a life you never imagined possible.





The Lakehouse Recovery Center offers privacy, client-focused care, and more. Our belief is that treatment should teach clients how to find fun and laughter again in their life. Offering 30, 60, and 90 day programs, we help clients heal in mind, body, and spirit, while helping them find joy in life again without drugs and alcohol. Call us today for information:  877.762.3707


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