Are There Side Effects Of Sobriety?

We all know the side effects of addiction: legal trouble, health problems, relationship issues, self-esteem deflation, depression, shame, and so on. There are no benefits of addiction except what comes to us if we get sober. Addiction brings us sobriety if we are one of the fortunate to find it.

7 Side Effects

  1. Your Story Changes – It evolves from being a sad, pathetic existence that we clung to, to a hopeful, courageous love story of yourself.
  2. You Look Better – Alcohol and drugs poison our bodies and cause wrinkles, dehydration, broken capillaries, green and yellow skin, bags, bruising, etc. Most of this stuff goes away in sobriety. Of course there will be wrinkles, but your skin will firm up and illuminate with a sober glow. If you are eating healthy and exercising, your mind and body will reflect as much.
  3. You Can Do Things Without the Buffer – Once you become comfortable in your own skin, you don’t need several shots to dance or to talk to someone. Your choice to not drink or use gives you a rubber stamp to not care what others think of you—or your dance moves.
  4. Relationships Change – Sobriety gives you freedom. You now have the freedom to choose who you want in your life, what you want for your life, and how you want to live your life surrounded by those who truly care for and love you. Relationship dynamics change and you can choose to treat others with respect, kindness, and compassion, and in turn, you will receive the same.
  5. Random Acts Are Normal – Road trips, psychic readings, book club meet-ups, jumping out of airplanes—anything you want to do, you can!
  6. You Make Plans and Follow Through – You don’t have to make up excuses or play the ‘I’m sick’ game anymore. You can actually leave your house without thinking about your next drink or drug and how you need to work your schedule around it.
  7. You Can Sleep – You don’t need anything to get a full night’s rest, and you wake up feeling better than you ever have. The other things you do in bed also improve monumentally.





Are you or a loved one struggling with addiction? Call The Lakehouse Recovery Center today and begin a new life tomorrow. You too, can experience the amazing side effects of sobriety, and we can help you get there. Give us a call, we are available 24/7, toll-free at (877) 762-3707. You can do this. Recovery is possible, call now.


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