Drug Treatment: Exploring Its Meaning and Deeper Message

Residential Drug Treatment | LakehouseRecoveryCenter.comThere are a variety of drug rehabilitation programs that exist, and they can be classified into various categories. However, on the whole, outpatient drug treatment centers are those that provide a safe and nurturing environment.

They are sometimes also referred to as substance abuse care, a structured living facility, or a place to receive the first level of care for addiction, including drug detox and withdrawal. Yet, regardless of the name, they exist to assist individuals in recovery to take the steps they need to begin a new life.

There are various levels of care that a recovering addict might need. For instance, the following are various forms of drug treatment:

Inpatient Hospitalization

Those at this level have been admitted to a hospital in order to address severe physical concerns regarding an addiction.

Treatment Facilities

Those at this is level of care are participating in treatment all day, every day. They live at a treatment center so that their addiction habits can be treated and transformed. At some facilities, daily activities are highly structured, and the primary focus is tending to drug withdrawal, physical well being, and psychological treatment.

Intensive Outpatient

At this level of care, an individual receives treatment while living at home. The amount of time working with professionals is approximately 15-20 hours per week. Also, an individual involved at this level of care can maintain sufficient daily functioning and does not possess any threats to his or her physical health.


An individual may need support with his or her addiction, but it is not severe enough to require admittance to a treatment center. He or she receives various forms of treatment in the community, by attending 12-step meetings, for instance, and participating in other forms of addiction help.

Frequently, those who are recovering from an addiction will receive a wide range of treatment services. For instance, a recovering individual might participate in drug counseling to address substance abuse, therapy to treat mental illnesses, and other forms of therapeutic treatment to address behavioral issues that often contribute to addiction.

Many drug treatment centers are beginning to employ behavioral health therapists to ensure that behavioral concerns are well addressed. The level of services are intense and often available 24 hours a day.

When drug treatment comes to an end, many individuals need to find an environment that continues to support their sobriety. The danger of returning home to old friends, family, and familiar circumstances can lead to relapse.

Recovering From an Addiction

For this reason, most recovering individuals are not yet ready to move back home. While the treatment program facilitated the withdrawal from the addiction and began to treat the addiction, there is still plenty to heal.

For instance, there continues to be the many internal patterns, poor decision making, and old wounds to restore to health. Furthermore, if there are co-occurring disorders, such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, bi-polar, borderline personality disorder and PTSD, individuals will need a safe place to continue their recovery.

Although some drug addiction facilities may not be able to provide all the psychiatric or psychological services necessary, they can serve as a central point to help coordinate those services so that all needs are met.

For this reason, many treatment centers provide drug treatment aftercare, such as extended services or even mentoring with someone who can further support sobriety.

The truth is recovery is not just a matter of getting off drugs or alcohol; recovery is the path to finding a new you. Recovery is putting the pieces together again so that you are stronger than you were before.

Recovery is finding the inner resources that were buried while you were in the cycle of addiction, and it is uncovering the wounds that the addiction was trying to mask. Recovery is a full and rich process of self-discovery and incredible transformation, if you’re ready for it.


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