Why Residential Drug Treatment Is The Best Choice

Residential Drug Treatment | LakehouseRecoveryCenter.comResidential drug treatment can be the best choice for many recovering addicts when they are still faced with the challenges of addiction. Typically, you might begin with drug detox, then continue with residential drug treatment and finally continue by residing at a sober living home.

However, once drug detox is done, residential drug treatment can be the best place to further facilitate your sobriety.

Residential drug treatment is typically a medical treatment program. It’s a live-in treatment center or live-in health care facility, also known in the drug-counseling field as RTC, or residential treatment center.

This type of facility might offer services such as drug counseling to address substance abuse, therapy to treat mental illnesses, and other forms of treatment to address behavioral issues.

Some rehab centers are beginning to employ behavioral health therapists to ensure that behavioral concerns are well addressed.

According to the American Society of Addiction Medicine, there are five levels of treatment for addiction, based upon an individual’s need. These are:

The 5 levels of Treatment For Addiction

  1. Early Intervention Services – these services include educational, preventative, and brief intervention services.
  2. Outpatient Treatment – recovering addicts attend treatment for 6 hours or less for a period of time depending the their treatment plan
  3. Intensive Outpatient Treatment – recovering addicts receive services by attending a treatment center during the day while living at home.
  4. Residential or Inpatient Treatment – recovering addicts live on site at a treatment centers where they receive treatment services for a period of time depending on treatment plan.
  5. Medically Managed Intensive Inpatient Treatment – This is for a recovering addict whose addiction includes physical, emotional, and psychological concerns that are so severe that they require 24-hour primary medical care for a period of time.

Protection for Relapsing

You can see that depending on your level of need, there are a variety of treatment forms for addiction. However, most people find that after drug detox, residing at a drug treatment center provides the best protection from relapse.

Essentially, you live with other recovering addicts in a supportive drug-free environment. Drug treatment centers are useful if you have nowhere to go or you’re worried that returning home too soon after drug detox will lead to relapse. Drug treatment centers are an extension of care for those recovering from the withdrawal process.

After living at a drug treatment center, you might typically then move onto a halfway house. You would live there, just as you would at a drug treatment center; however, you might experience significantly more freedom to be able to attend work, school, or family events. (Residential drug treatment centers typically are more structured in order to keep you thinking about your sobriety versus providing dangerous opportunities for returning to drug use or drinking.)

Both drug treatment centers and halfway houses provide services or access to services like group therapy, individual therapy, drug counseling, AA meetings, or mental health treatment.

Perhaps this is one of the critical healing aspects of being in a residential drug treatment center. For instance,  you might be sitting in the living room watching TV when someone sits next to you.

Of course, you might start talking about what the two of you have in common: recovery and addiction. You might begin to connect on similar feelings, similar challenges, and similar past experiences.

But even better, imagine what it would be like if suddenly you heard him or her say precisely what has been hard for you to admit. Imagine what it would be like to hear from someone else express the exact feelings your feeling yourself. Imagine what a relief that would be.

Friendship | LakehouseRecoveryCenter.comFurthermore, you might be able to find friendships that support your sobriety versus the friendships you are leaving behind that support your addiction.

In a community of others who are struggling with the same life challenge, you can find friendship, support, and safety. In the community of a group, in the safety of a drug treatment center, you might be able to make it through the challenges of staying sober.


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