Is it a Relapse if I Use Just Once?

It is Hard to Change Habitual Behaviors

Addiction is a chronic condition that, like hypertension and diabetes,  requires changes to a person’s behaviors in order to manage the disease.  Changing habitual behaviors, even when they have the potential to cause harm to a person’s life, can be quite difficult.  The good news is that while it may be difficult, it is not impossible to avoid a relapse.

 The most important thing to remember is that your addiction will be a lifelong process that will require you to constantly be vigilant in your sobriety.  During your recovery, you may find yourself in a situation that overcomes your will power.  It is important that you do not let a single mistake jeopardize your total recovery.  Understanding the differences between a slip and a relapse can help you to maintain your sobriety.


A slip is considered a single unplanned use of drugs or alcohol.  A slip can occur when you find yourself in a highly stressful situation and are unable to resist the temptation.  While a one time use does not necessarily mean a relapse, if not handled correctly it can lead to a full relapse.  One way to look at it is by thinking about a person who has been diagnosed with hypertension.

 That person’s doctor will order them to make changes to their diet.  If at a wedding that person should give in and have a piece of cake, they probably will not immediately suffer a heart attack.  By putting the error behind them, they can continue on with their addiction treatment program.  If during your recovery you should have a slip, it is important that you talk to somebody in an attempt to address the issues that lead to your slip and make sure you do not suffer another.


A relapse occurs when an addict completely abandons their recovery plan.  While a slip occurs in a single moment of weakness, a relapse typically has a build-up period.  This could include a slip that causes an addict to return to their old behaviors or another emotional trigger that causes them to abandon their plan.  

When a person suffers a slip they may have feelings of guilt or feel like they have failed their sobriety.  It is important you talk to someone about these feelings as they could make a full relapse inevitable.


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