Rehab Shouldn’t be All Work and No Play

You want help.  You entered rehab because you want to cure your addiction disease, and you are going to do everything in your power to see it through.  No doubt you are entering with a fierce determination.  Did you know though that a big part of healthy rehabilitation will revolve around having a great time?  Research shows that treatment centers who incorporate fun activities into their recovery programs have greater success rates than purely clinical facilities.  Here are some reasons why.

Lasting Memories

Have you ever been to a group camp tucked away in the mountains, or a place full of inflatables on the lake?  What about ziplines, parasailing, team sports, or any other number of activities are exciting?  Those memories, along with the people you participated with, last forever.

What would your treatment be like if you could look back and see that it was the best time of your life?  In those memories, group sessions were not sterile and boring.  Your room did not feel like some odd prison cell in a mental facility.  You would know, maybe for the first time in your life, that being sober is awesome.  The hold of addiction determining how you have fun would be broken.

Peak Health

Going to enough group sessions in a whitewashed room with cheap cookies and coffee is enough to make anyone’s health start to decline.  Instead, what if your group sessions happened around a campfire with s’mores?  After a day of activities of course.  

Some treatment centers offer hiking, biking, kayaking, swimming, and a plethora of other fun activities.  Many who enter treatment find themselves in the best shape of their lives afterward.  What a great way to kick off a healthy lifestyle outside the walls.  

Inspiring Life

   Research shows that atmosphere can affect short term moods and long term outlooks on life.  Many corporations invest millions in their work environments to aid in productivity and creativity.  Likewise, good treatment centers will be filled with an inspiring ambiance.  Beautiful artwork, inspiring quotes, fireplaces, good lighting, and good furniture all help in making treatment a pleasurable experience.  Gone are the days of sterile rooms with ugly cots.  

Recovery will be hard work, but there are ways to work smarter and not harder.  Participate in the activities offered and you will soon find that addiction treatment is an awesome experience.  You will also form bonds and friendships that will last.



The Lakehouse Treatment Center understands the worlds of active addiction and active recovery. Years of comprehensive experience have helped us build a unique program focused on changing lives and rebuilding families. From detox to sober living, The Lakehouse program focuses on learning how to live and have fun again- a treatment experience like no other. Call us anytime: 877.762.3707


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