Rehab Is a Great Time To Detox From Social Media


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Some treatment centers allow you to have your phone during group and individual sessions. Some do not. Without constantly being “connected” to the outside world or the virtual world of social media, you can be more connected to your treatment and more importantly, yourself. Being present is a challenge in early recovery.

Your brain is only just beginning to recover and learn how to function without the constant presence of drugs and alcohol. Being present means being fully vulnerable and yourself in any situation. You aren’t held back by the foggy veil of drugs and alcohol. You are able to just be yourself and be present during important therapeutic work. There is no such thing as wasted time in treatment.

Every single therapy method and treatment modality has been explored for how effectively it helps heal the mind, the body, and the spirit. Social media can be a way to numb out and escape when things get hard. Healing can be hard. Letting go of the past, confronting emotions, and working through your “stuff” can be hard. Most people learn from their addiction, however, that trying to escape everything, all the time, is hard work as well. The payoff is never as great.

You Can Be More Productive in Your “Homework” Assignments

Treatment is a lot of work. You do work in your individual therapy sessions, you do work in your group therapy sessions, and you even do work in your outside activities. Treatment is meant to be a time for relaxing and restoring, but it is also a time to do the work you need to learn how to stay sober. Getting sober is the easy part. Its staying sober that takes work. When you aren’t distracted by social media, you can focus more on the work at hand.

You Will Sleep Better, Which Will Lead to More Energy

Social media engagement is mentally stimulating. One of the reasons it is beneficial to abstain from social media use during treatment is because some studies have found that social media use and the effect on the brain can be compared to cocaine use and its effect on the brain.

In addition to stimulation, producing dopamine, and hyping your brain, it also makes it more difficult for you to sleep. The blue light behind computer and smartphone screens is designed to keep your brain awake. You need all the sleep you can get so you have the energy to keep doing the work treatment demands of you.


The most important reason to abstain from social media during treatment is to focus on yourself. It’s easy to develop FOMO, the fear of missing out, and feel resentful toward your time in treatment. You’re coming to treatment for a reason. You have a purpose in your recovery. Find out more about how Lakehouse Recovery Center can help you find your purpose in recovery by calling  877.762.3707 today.



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