Reasons to Go to Intensive Outpatient after Residential Treatment


Residential treatment is the perfect environment to detox and begin your journey on the path to recovery.  Being in a controlled environment surrounded by medical professionals trained in helping you overcome your addiction allows you to focus on getting better.  Residential treatment can be viewed like training camp for a football team.  You will be focusing solely on getting in shape and learning the skills you need for success.  

All other distractions will be eliminated and you will be able to focus fully on the task at hand.  After finishing your residential program you may feel like you are ready to get back to your old life immediately. Like a football team needs a scrimmage or preseason game before they are ready to start the real season, you may also benefit from a transition period before fully committing to the real world and all its stresses.  An Intensive Outpatient treatment may be the tool needed to ensure you are able to maintain your sobriety.   

Intensive Outpatient Programs Are Great Transitions

Intensive Outpatient programs can be short term, typically lasting four, eight, or twelve weeks.  These programs will allow you to ease back into your life while still providing the support and structure needed to ensure you are able to maintain your sobriety while transitioning back to your life.  During outpatient treatment, you will live in your own home while starting back to work or school.

 Your treatment will consist of therapy or counseling, relapse prevention classes, and Twelve Step meetings.  Early in the program you will attend sessions daily and may even attend all three in the same day.  Being able to talk about your emotions in a trusting environment will make adjusting to life easier.

Outpatient Programs Benefit Your Whole Family

Because addiction affects the entire family, it is important that recovery involves the entire family.  Many outpatient programs will offer couples or family counseling.  Your chances of relapse can be greatly reduced by arming your family with the tools necessary to help you along in your recovery.

 Your family loves you very much and can be your strongest advocate during recovery, especially when armed with the skills provided in family therapy sessions.


The Lakehouse Recovery Center offers 30, 60, and 90 day programs to men and women seeking to recover from drug and alcohol addiction. In addition to providing excellent clinical care, we offer both recovery and non-recovery activities. Our goal is to show clients how to have fun again, learning how to live in recovery without drugs and alcohol. For information, call us today: 877.762.3707



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