Reasons To Climb Indoors


Outdoor climbing is a unique experience clients at Lakehouse Recovery Center get to enjoy. Our ideal location in Southern California affords our clients all of the outdoor adventures offered locally. Once clients leave, however, they are sad to leave rock climbing behind. Indoor climbing has all of the same benefits for mind, body, and spirit.

Indoor Climbing Gyms Reduce Outdoor Risks

  •   People die frequently for mishaps in outdoor adventuring. Even the most experienced outdoors people cannot control the forces of nature. Everyone is prone to making mistakes. Without certification and personal training, it can be dangerous to take basic climbing skills outdoors. Indoor climbing gyms offer all of the same experience, minus the outdoors, of outdoor climbing.
  • There are still friends, challenging routes, and the same mind, body, spirit experience that climbing has to offer. Plus, indoor climbing gyms aren’t dirty, don’t require immense travel, often have wifi, and most often provide air conditioning. 

Discipline, Technique, Endurance

  •  Indoor climbing is an opportunity to develop discipline, technique and endurance for climbing skills, but for life skills as well. Climbing requires discipline to continue returning to the wall and face new challenges. Life asks the same of us. We have to continue showing up for ourselves in order to face new challenges with confidence.
  • One of the benefits of indoor climbing is developing technique and skills which can be applied to the outdoors when the opportunity arises. We are constantly building our technique in our resiliency and our approach to life when we are conscious about building those skills.
  • When the time comes, we are prepared to use our tools. For recovery, our tools and techniques for staying sober keep us sober. Endurance is what it takes to complete a route without stopping are encountering a mistake. Life is not perfect, but life does act on its own accord. It takes endurance to keep up with life and continue to meet life where it is, in its flow.

Changing Challenges

  •  One of the unique things about indoor climbing versus outdoor climbing is changing challenges. Outdoor climbing offers an entire world of new routes and adventures to climb, but they are all permanent. On the one hand, this offers an opportunity to return time and again until the route is completed.
  • For indoor climbing, the routes are constantly changing. Changing routes in climbing gyms force us to take advantage of the present moment and live it as fully as possible before it is gone. Life is ever changing, just like the routes in the gym. If we want to attempt a challenge, the time is always now.


Rock climbing is a great activity for mind, body, and spirit in recovery. If you are struggling with a drug and alcohol addiction, the time is now to rise to the challenge of treatment and overcome addiction. There is a solution. Call Lakehouse Recovery Center today for information on our residential treatment programs for men and women: 877.762.3707


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