How Do I Quit Drugs and Alcohol?


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Work Towards a Solution

The first step of the twelve steps is the first step in starting to work toward a solution for any problem: admitting that you have one. If you’re reading this article, chances are you’ve started to realize you have a problem with drugs and/or alcohol and that you need to find a new way of living. Congratulations! You are not alone.

Every day there are thousands of people around the world coming to the same realization:  I am powerless over drugs and alcohol. My life has become unmanageable. In other words, you can’t control your drug and alcohol use and you can’t make yourself stop. Now that you’ve realized you’re in need of help, you can start to figure out what kind of help it is that you need. Some people are able to quit cold turkey and stay quit from their substances of choice.

Other people need to go through a clinical detox to get all of the drugs and alcohol out of their system. For those who cannot stay sober despite going to meetings, going to low levels of care like outpatient, and going to see a therapist, higher levels of care might be necessary.

Assess Your Need For Care

There are multiple levels of care available which can be catered to meet your specific needs. If your drug and alcohol abuse has been recent and severe, meaning you are going to experience symptoms of withdrawal, you will need detox. Detox is a clinical or residential setting to help you safely withdraw from all of the drugs and alcohol in your body, providing you with 24/7 access to trained professional nurses.

Detox will typically last no more than two weeks to make sure you are stable and healthy, ready for treatment. Residential inpatient is the highest level of care where you will live onsite at a treatment facility and be under supervision 24 hours a day. Lower levels of care like partial hospitalization (day care) and intensive outpatient, as well as outpatient all offer support through clinical therapy, but will not all include the same amount of holistic health, integrative activities, or off site activities.

Attend A Treatment Program

Working with your insurance provider, a therapist, or a doctor, you can determine the level of care you need. After choosing the level of care you need and/or what your insurance will provide for, you can start to call treatment centers covered in your network to find out who has the program which will best suit your needs and who has room available for your admission.


Through treatment, you will learn how to address your underlying issues while picking up the skills you need for total healing of mind, body, and spirit. At Lakehouse Recovery Center, we focus on learning how to have fun in recovery, making new meaning in life without drugs and alcohol. For information, call us today at  877.762.3707.


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