How Do I Quit My Drug Addiction?

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It’s easier said than done when we say, you stop doing drugs. The simplicity and irony is overwhelming. That’s why it is easier said than done. Something miraculou happens in recovery. You can’t really learn how to stop doing drugs. What you learn through treatment is how to quit your drug addiction.

In order to stop, you just have to stop. Stopping is the easy part. Not starting again is where the real work comes in. Learning how to live your life in a different way requires many different components, which contribute to an overall lifestyle of recovery. Addiction is complicated. It affects the mind, the body, and the spirit. For full recovery, each area of your life has to change drastically.

Getting Started Means Getting Stopping

One of the controversies in recovery is the argument about why addicts can’t stop using drugs. The controversy is this: when addicts get into recovery they stop using drugs. Some call it a miracle. Others call it a farce. If it’s so “easy” for addicts to suddenly stop using why don’t they do so before? Rest assured that many addicts in recovery ask themselves the same question, wishing they would have stopped far before they finally did.

Many come to realize, it had to happen when it happened and there’s simply no other explanation. People use terms like “hitting bottom” or “when the pain is great enough” to make sense of this otherwise unsensible situation. However it comes to be, the moment finally arrives when you decide enough is enough and you don’t want to do drugs anymore. The cravings will be there, the obsession will be there, and it will take a lot of willpower while you develop the other tools you will need. Still, it just sort of happens. You stop. Then, you learn how never return to your drug addiction.

Lifestyle Changes

Every part of your life has to change to support recovery rather than addiction. You might have to change your friends, change your job, and change your routine. Going to treatment is a useful tool which helps you process old pain, confront challenging thought patterns, and learn important relapse prevention techniques to keep you sober. From therapy to diet and exercise, to 12 step meetings, it is all part of the recovery lifestyle.

Have New Fun

You might be surprised to hear that having fun is part of the program of recovery. Addiction interacts with the pleasure and reward systems in the brain, among many other functions. Learning to have new fun without drugs helps change the old patterns in the brain which think drugs are the only way to experience fun.

Lakehouse Recovery Center wants to show you how to live sober by bringing fun, meaning, and healing into your life. Call us today for information on our residential treatment programs and our unique twelve month after care programs. (877) 762-3707.


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