Putting The Pieces Back Together After The Volcano Of Anger Erupts


Anger is like lava. It builds and it boils until there is nowhere for it to go but out. Unfortunately, the burning hot magma of our anger can be destructive. Here are a few suggestions for cleaning up after your anger gets all over the place.

Volcanoes Don’t Settle Right Away And Neither Will You

You might think that you’re feeling better after that outburst. Chances are, if you’ve had a lot of pressure from unexpressed emotions coming up, you probably are feeling better. However, when a volcano explodes, there is a lot of residue. You might be dealing with an unexpected lava flow, or raining ash, not just on yourself, but those around you. Yes, the pressure is off, but you haven’t completely returned to a dormant state. Take some time, for the benefit of yourself and those around you to recover and regroup until things settle down a little bit more.

Investigate The Boiling Point

Anger can feel like it explodes out of the top of our heads, through our chests, or rips a hole through our gut. As you take some time to settle, check in with your body to find where that anger hole is sitting. Once you find that physical point, see if you are able to reflect on some of the emotions which are hiding there. Underneath the rubble, can you identify some feelings? Anger is usually secondary to fear and sadness. Have you been afraid of something? Are you sad or disappointed?

Nobody Holds Resentments Against Volcanoes

If you are new to recovery and just learning how to manage your emotions again, it is unlikely you will not have explosive episode. After so many years of suppressed emotions due to the abuse of drugs and alcohol, you are chock full of feelings reaching a boiling point. Volcanoes which erupt in nature cannot be blamed- they’re volcanoes. Erupting is sort of what they do. You, being new to recovery and the language of emotional articulation, are sort of like a volcano right now. Blaming yourself for not being better or different is just going to add heat to the fire. Try to be compassionate toward yourself as you continue along this path of healing.

Anger is a natural human emotion and response in life that can get confused when it isn’t properly managed. We know you’re feeling angry about more things than you know how to describe, and you might be abusing mind altering substances to cope with that. Our residential treatment programs are here to help you find peace again. Call us today for more information or to schedule a tour:  877.762.3707.


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