Where Addiction Comes from and How to Overcome It

Where Addiction Comes from - Lakehouse Recovery Center

Addiction, or substance use disorders, affect millions of Americans and even more family members and friends. Currently, statistics show nearly 15 million American adults have an alcohol use disorder, and 8 million have a drug use disorder. Alarming statistics like this raise many questions. People want to know more about the substances hurting so many families. We answer the most …

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How an Addiction Treatment Center Aids in Recovery

Addiction Recovery - Lakehouse Recovery Center

Addiction recovery treatment provides skills to help someone stay sober. Each skill learned while in treatment is like a piece of armor protecting you from relapse. If you only have one piece of armor, there are many other places unprotected and exposing you to the dangers that accompany drug and alcohol misuse. Therefore, the more armor you put on, the …

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7 Tips for Staying Sober

Tips For Staying Sober - The Lakehouse Recovery Center

These tips for staying sober can help you prevent a relapse. Learn how from the professionals at Lakehouse Recovery Center. Getting sober is a huge accomplishment. Right now, you may be thinking about your future and how you will remain sober. You’ve learned early recovery and relapse prevention skills, and you know the importance of building a healthy support group. …

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