Things To Do Instead of Drinking This Holiday Season - Lakehouse

11 Things To Do Instead of Drinking This Holiday Season

The holiday season is here, which means you’ll most likely be surrounded by a lot of festive events involving alcohol. But don’t worry, here are 11 sober activities to help you avoid the temptations yet still enjoy the holidays! Research found over 40% of men and women admit to binge drinking during the holidays, specifically New Year’s Eve. Another study …Read More

Signs and Effects of Prescription Drug Abuse - Lakehouse Recovery Center

Signs and Effects of Prescription Drug Abuse: What to Know of This Worrying Trend

Prescription drugs are medications prescribed by a medical doctor, yet we are seeing an exponential increase in people showing the signs and effects of prescription drug abuse. Prescriptions are provided with strict instructions that should be followed for patient safety. Not everyone follows the instructions given, however. Common prescribed drugs fall into categories of opioid, stimulants and sedatives. Opioids include …Read More

Understanding Addiction and Mental Health Issues

What Is Dual Diagnosis & Why Is It Important This Mental Health Month?

While in treatment for addiction, it is not at all uncommon for an individual to get diagnosed with an underlying mental health issue, but what is dual diagnosis and why is it important to know about? In fact, statistics show that nearly half of those struggling with addiction also struggle with a mental illness. Whether they know this or not …Read More